Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Final Reflection

To start with one memorable moment would have to be the first day of class and walking in to find that all of my peers are seniors while I was a junior. I feel like this impacted my learning because their presence, to me, was of those who where more skilled and talented photographers and gave me a boost to try harder, take more interesting images and to show the seniors that I, a junior, could stand on the podium with them in the winning circle.

My other highlight was not one specific moment in the class but something that reoccured over and over in the class. And that was having the choice to create what I wanted to create the way I wanted to. I feel like this greatly improved my learning experience because I was able to decide what I wanted to know and because of that I feel like I was more involved with what I was learning and was more interested in what I was learning then I would have been if I was being force fed the curriculum.

Finally, I also loved New York and how eye opening it was to me because I had only ever majorly traveled before but that was to Italy and it was so different from my past experiences that I couldn't help but to be in awe and amaze at all of the beautiful things there. However New York was different to me I entered without thinking of it as a fairytale like place like Italy or Spain. Once I got there however I realized how much of a fairytale place it truly was. I believe that this was a major eye opener because I never once imagined that I could be so infatuated with a place like New York. I mainly loved how wherever you looked there was always a million image possibilities because of how diverse the city and the people of the city were.

Movie Poster: "ECHO"

I love movies and I aways was interested in the posters that were related because those in charge of the poster are tasked with creating an interesting image that can portray the movie's theme, plot and setting all in one image. Plus a you need to express a pathos with title and catch phrase.

What I learned is that every little detail counts when you are making a movie poster. One thing that I didn't realize was going to be hard was the font choice for this poster because if you choose a frilly font for a horror movie it isn't going to work well. I was really lucky though with coming up with an idea, however as time progressed I noticed that the movie kept changing into the final product. I am really glad that I did this and really happy for this experience.

Thursday, May 22, 2014


Walking barefoot is so nice, you ever notice that? It feels so good, with the right weather of coarse. But the flowers, oh look at the Forget-me-nots they radiate, and infest, your gardens. So beautiful. I wonder what it's like to be a bunny, you know down close to the ground? I bet it's nice.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Stop Motion Final

I found some things to be easy and hard about creating stop motion. Some easy things that I noticed was once you got a good idea and good props scenes would just flow together. However I found it troubling the amount of images that are required for this, I knew that there was going to be a copious amount of images required for the movie but I didn't quit recognize how expansive the scenes that I was creating needed to be to add audio. It was because of this that I decide to create the 'old time' style of movie with the black and white images and text box panels.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Art Exhibit

One thing that I learned from being involved in the art exhibit is never pick a piece that others told you to choose, It's your show you should pick pieces that you like, but feel free to ask people for their opinions. One challenge that I faced was matting and framing my pictures, it wasn't that I found it impossible I just think it was difficult for me because there was a higher penalty if I did something wrong.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

A Walk In the Woods

It's a beautiful out, I wander with no destination in mind. The sand surrounding the pond is cool, it feels good under my bare feet. Suddenly I find myself falling, sliding down a sleek slope of loose sand. I come to a sudden halt as I land inches away from the edge of the pond.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Self Portrait

To Be

To be or not to be,
such a heavy question

I find there are those,
that want to say no
but say yes

Then there are others,
ones that want say yes
but say no

To be or not to be,
I wish that one day
people want to say yes
and are able to say yes